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Smart solutions for hotels, guesthouses, hospitals and prisons
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Koofee mainly engaged in domestic (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) customer control system, lighting system, intelligent switch, intelligent door lock, intelligent hospital, intelligent prison and other products.
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Hong Kong Keffey mainly engages in customer control systems, lighting systems, smart switches, smart door locks, smart hospitals and other products in all countries and regions (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) except mainland China.
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Room control unit/system

Hotel RCU,  Intelligent hotel RCU
Club RCU,  Hospital control unit
Villa control unit,Five-star hotel RCU
Lighting control system/unit

Building lighting control, landscape lighting control, hotel lighting control

Lobby lighting system, shopping mall lighting system, conference lighting system

Intelligent lighting module, intelligent lighting manufacturer, intelligent lighting control
Intelligent switch

Hotel switch, hotel switch, club switch

Home switch, villa switch, wall switch

Power switch, 485 switch, wireless switch
Intelligent prison

Intelligent prison, remote prison light control

Intelligent air conditioning, remote control of prison air conditioning

Intelligent lock, remote lock control of prison
Smart door lock

Hotel door lock, hotel door lock, villa door lock

Home door lock, room door lock, WeChat door lock

Door lock manufacturer, electronic door lock, apartment door lock
Intelligent hospital

Hospital control, ward control, intelligent hospital

Touch - free control, remote control, intelligent voice

Hospital controller, ward infection control system
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Koofee —> Room control unit
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——  Trillion-level market  ——

——  Customer first principle  ——

——  Product diversification  ——

——  Open and cooperative attitude  ——
Enterprise website solutions

No need to develop website, provide one-stop solution website

Rapid station construction, rapid promotion, efficient customer service system
Mobile web solutions

Various mobile website templates, suitable for mobile tablets

Quickly help you complete the mobile website construction promotion service
Advanced mall website solutions

Want to sell products and services on their own website

Quickly build your own sales mall
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Various applet templates are provided for you

Quickly complete the construction of WeChat small procedures
Microflyer interactive solution

Various activities invitation, product promotion and promotion

Easily complete your exclusive marketing interactive page
Don't have time to build a website?

Kefei complete all kinds of website construction for you

To provide you with exclusive VIP website construction services
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General sales of science and technology, products and services

Provide you with professional product pictures, specifications
Can't operate, promotion how to do?

Kefei provides one-stop promotion and operation assistance

Help you quickly get traffic and customer resources
Can't operate, promotion how to do?

Kefei provides one-stop promotion and operation assistance

Help you quickly get traffic and customer resources
One-stop service solution
Intelligent switch
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——  Koofee information  ——

Shenzhen Koofee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

     Koofee is a professional developer of such intelligent controlling systems for hotels, homes, lighting, air conditioning, LED lighting, and switches, etc. We can provide you with a complete solutions for intelligent control for hotels, homes, buildings and air conditioning.
     Over the years, Koofee has been adhering to technological innovation, advancing with times and insisting to the product designing philosophy of "intelligent, comfortable and simple". In the aspect of product architecture, we have achieved modular products, which can help us to meet different need of the projects by a flexible operation. We can design a variety of customized controlling for lighting, curtain, air conditioning, information service, security alarm, digital intercom, etc, only by the very sample modular configuration.      The advantage of the modular product architecture is its flexibility for function extension, supplement or even customized restructuring. This has been our core competitiveness in the market, aiming to the diversification and reliability of the controlling system, and to the easy operation and management. We always try to provide the products to our customers’ needs and make sure they are in line with the market trends technically.      We always maintain the sensitivity to the market and our customer’s needs, staying flexible and innovative to technological breakthrough. We always work as a team of professional dedication. By the incessantly accumulating of technical experience, we always stay creative and farseeing in this field.
Email: keffey@keffey.com
No.7 yard, shenlan industrial park, no.37 guanlan xia xintang, longhua district, shenzhen, china
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